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Our Goal Is To Ensure Our Clients’ Wedding And Event Visions Are Brought To Life In The Most Beautiful Way Possible.

Whether You Desire A Bloom-filled Wedding With Awe-inspiring Floral Installations, Or An Understated Bouquet .

Our Services Are Designed To Support You And Your Unique Floral Needs.


Showers in the garden can be booked 1 -4 months in advance with the primary available months June - September.

Dinners in the garden (up to 50 guests) can be booked 1-4 months in advance with the primary months available June - September.

The Bouquet Farm is a BYO friendly facility that invites guests to bring their favourite drinks and foods for their celebrations.


Flower garden space


Tables and benches

Seasonal decor from our in-house design team

Portable washroom