Christmas Blooms

Christmas Blooms
December 24, 2017 Bouquet Farm
In bloom

Well Christmas is almost upon us and I wanted to share this quick and easy holiday arrangement to add to any parties you are hosting or to bring as a hostess gift. I mean who doesn’t love flowers?

Here is what you need for 1 arrangement:

  • 1 small pot (I used 4″ galvanized)
  • 2 white hydrangeas
  • 1 magnolia leaf (I broke it apart to stretch it further)
  • 3 white roses

I cut them all nice and low to keep a uniformed look and started with the hydrangeas and basically just plunked in the other stems where there where holes. There is no real design to these so anyone can do it!


*these are not local blooms as it is obviously December and not our growing season



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